Life In Mute


The Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project invites filmmakers from the Northeast Ohio area to enter a competition to find out who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. It's script to screen and everything in between, from location scouting, casting and filming, to editing, music scoring and sound effects. The winning film from the Cleveland competition is pitted against films from around the globe for the title "Best 48 Hour Film of the year ".

It's a wild and sleepless weekend---48 precious hours---in which a filmaker and his or her crew make a short film. It's all about story concept, script writing, shooting, editing and music scoring in one continuous weekend.

On Friday night at 7 pm, filmakers receive a specific character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a film genre which must be incorporated into their film. The completed film must be submitted by 7 pm Sunday night to be included in the competition. Films are screened at a local theater, usually by following week.

In 2010, Red Duck Pictures entered the competiton. The character we had to write into our story for that year was Jack/Jill Hildebrand and the prop was flowers. Every film that year had to include this line of dialog: "I want to try." Those were the required elements for every filmaker. The genre was unique to each filmaker and were selected at random out of a hat. We selected Silent Film, and off we went to make movie magic in 48 hours.



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Drive-by Filmimg

Our 48 Hour Film Project is titled "Life In Mute" a story told from the perspective of a woman who lost her family and suffered complete hearing loss in a tragic car accident. Beth has a chance to recover her hearing through an experimental, and dangerous operation. She is encouraged to proceed by her sister-in-law against the wishes of her over-protective brother, who is vehemently against it. While it didn't win any awards, it was a terrific experience, and we certainly learned a little bit more about the filmaking process. We had a terrific team and we made what we think is a pretty good film.

48 Hour Filmmaker: Cleveland 2010